About Sherry

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About Sherry

On November 6. 2013, I put down my drink and surrendered my addiction to God. The End.

Don't I wish it was that easy!

Seriously though, that is the day my life began to change forever, and with God's help, the hard work to repair the damage I had done began.

Relying on my faith in God and the support of my husband, Craig, I slowly removed the painfully embedded shrapnel left from the war that alcohol had declared on my soul and continue to do so today.

I soon discovered it was a lonely process, and I craved the company of other women fighting to stay sober in a world that didn't think this happened to "good Christian women" like me.

Through a few serious nudges from God and some serious shoves from friends (you know who you are), I started talking. In 2015 I shared my story at a women's event, and at that moment, She Surrenders became a community; someone heard me speak and bravely reached out. I was no longer alone in my fight.

I continue to speak, blog, write, and do all I can to engage with other women trying to sober up with God as their most powerful tool.

I encourage you to dig deeper and surrender to God’s leading. My story is about a spiritual, emotional, and physical journey to draw nearer to God and a stubborn refusal to let addiction define who I am. This community is the saving grace that blesses me daily, and I pray it will also bless you.

“I may have won the battle that November day, but together is the only way to win the war.

I’m honored you are here. Trust me, you don’t have to go through this alone.