“The wilderness delayed the Israelites for 40 years-a roundabout path that was necessary to reach the destination. What we see as a detour, a diversion from our plans may actually be God’s divine plan of protection.” TD Jakes

The holidays are a season of all that could go right but it seems that it is more often, that things go wrong.

Every single day I wake up with a plan for the day and every single day it doesn’t go as planned. I am learning to be ok with it and actually find peace in it.

Yesterday I thought to myself, I feel like I am never doing what I am supposed to be doing, I needed to address that. So I did, in my quiet time, this morning with God.

I came away reminding myself that as long as what I am doing is directed by Him, is necessary, and is an act of doing the next right thing, I should be good to go and that’s where I find the peace.

So in the season of flurry and crazy, remember that what we see as obstacles when a change of plans occurs is God’s plan and if we go peacefully the day will unfold exactly as it should.

Blessings on your Tuesday,


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